How to Activate Visuino with the Key

To start a Visuino Trial Version please go to your  User account here or Register a New Free account here.
Once you have the Trial or the Registration Key:

  1. Download and Install Visuino
  2. Start Visuino and Visuino will automatically Start as  Free Version (Free Version is limited with the amount of the components that can be used)
  3. At the bottom Tab “Help” you will see written “Register” (See Picture 1) , Click on it and the Registration window will open (See Picture 2)  or In the Menu select “Help” > “Enter Registration Key
  4. Type or Copy-Paste the Trial or Registration Key and click on the “Register” button
  5. If Everything is Ok you the message “Successful Registration” will appear (See Picture 3)


Troubleshooting: If After clicking on the “Register” button you receive a Message “Expired Registration Key” (See Picture 4 )  please first check if you typed the key correctly and if the Key is not already Expired. After the Trial Period is Over you can no longer register the Visuino.
If nothing worked then please Contact Support team and we will help you right away!