About Visuino Pro Version

Visuino Professional is Used by industry leaders around the world.

Visuino Professional is used for prototyping and in the production environment, because of its Power and Simplicity and rapid visual development it makes a great solution for any type of environment as well!

Visuino Professional allows users to connect to a wide range of  PLCs, I/O systems, networks, and devices, using variety of industry adopted protocols including Modbus, MQTT, REST, CANBus and many others.

Visuino pro allows easy creation of Modbus devices and adding tables and registers to them with minimal effort. The devices can communicate with one or more Serial RTU, Serial Ascii or TCP protocols simultaneously, and for each device you can easily specify individually over which of the protocols the device will be available.
Visuino Pro allows easy access to other Modbus devices, over one or more protocols. Adding queries for Registers, Coils, and Digital I/Os, updating Coils, and Holding registers and adding processing for all this takes merely a few clicks.
Bridging between different TCP and/or Serial (RTU or Ascii) protocols is as simple as adding 2 components and connecting them to each other.
Visuino Pro even allows you to easily create virtual devices remapping Registers, Digital I/Os or Coils from multiple other devices into single virtual device, or splitting a single device into multiple virtual devices.

But Visuino Pro does not end with Modbus. With it you can bridge between Modbus, MQTT, and CANBus networks, or easily add REST API for your Scada solution. All with just a few mouse clicks, and all this is generating a highly optimized code fitting into micro controllers with minimal amount of memory.
With Visuino Pro you can even implement Modbus over long range radio LoRa and access your PLCs from miles away.

  • Create Multiple SubDiagrams
  • Check each aspect of the code using Live Code window
  • Modbus Client (Master) and Server (Slave) component
  • Inject your own code by using Custom Code component
  • Forward Fast Fourier (FFT) component
  • Inverse Analog Fast Fourier (IFFT) component
  • Inverse Complex Fast Fourier (IFFT) component

Visuino Professional offers numerous powerful functions meant for sharing data, manipulating data, monitoring and maintaining proper functionality remotely, among others.

It provides the tools to program and configure the hardware for your specific needs.

The more you use Visuino Professional, the more you will be pleased when you realize how powerful it is!


VISUINO SubDiagrams!

Using the Visuino SubDiagrams will enable you to make large diagrams spread through SubDiagrams tabs thus making your projects much easier to handle. For example you can create a diagram in the main tab and put sensors and modules in subdiagrams and just connect them to the main window.


Video Getting started with SubDiagrams


VISUINO Live Code!

Visuino Live Code is specially good for those who like to see the depth of the project and adjust each part to the finest detail.

Visuino Pro will automatically Add comments to your code thus making it easier to debug.

You can also send the code directly to Arduino IDE and Edit it there or upload it to the board.

VISUINO Modbus Client (Master)!

Now you are able to implement the Modbus Client (Master) mode easily when working with programmable logic controllers.


VISUINO Modbus Server (Slave)!

Advanced Modbus Server (Slave) makes it easy to implement intelligent PLC devices.



VISUINO Custom Code component!

Inject your own custom code in the Visuino Professional. If something is missing in Visuino you can add it in the custom code component and have practically no limitation by what is currently supported in Visuino! For example you can add Sensors, modules, some other Arduino code easily!


Video Getting started with the Custom Code component

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 101 - OnData element

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 102 - On Execute VS On Data loops

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 103 - working with and outputting data

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 104 - adding user input and multiple loops

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 105 - On Execute AKA System Loop

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 106 - Includes, Defines, Arrays, and custom library.

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 107 - Using the Clock output pins

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 108 - Using hardware libraries and pin attachments

Video Visuino Custom Code Tutorial Part 109 - OnInit, OnStart, and Direct Pin Manipulation/Reading


Visuino FFT, IFFT Components!

Use one of the best powerful algorithms availabe to perform signal analysis and filter simulation.

  • Forward Fast Fourier (FFT) component
  • Inverse Analog Fast Fourier (IFFT) component
  • Inverse Complex Fast Fourier (IFFT) component


Gain Complete Management of your Machine Automation Systems with Visuino Professional!

VIDEOS Learn how to use Visuino Professional

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