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=== Projects by Compact DIY ===
=== Projects by Compact DIY ===
* [https://youtu.be/SOpL7IZX2_A Customizable Lotto number generator]
* [https://youtu.be/SOpL7IZX2_A Customizable Lotto number generator]
* [https://youtu.be/AJNaBA3Pk2E How To Make A Wind Vane!]

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Getting started

Visuino Sites

Video Tutorials


Boian Mitov

Jeremy Ellis

Robo Papa

TST.Master (Romanian)

Dávid Hámor

Fredy Alvarez (Spanish)

Bruno Henrique Paulo (Portuguese)

Phachakorn Tasusee

Ardui Nooo

Sarthak Mendiratta

Swellington Santos

Vito Pulpito (Italian)

Robot Kafa (Turkish)

Visuino Turkey (Turkish)


Rafał Czachurski (Polish)

BRAHIMI Hamid (French)

Ciprian Balalau

Anatolii Gordiienko

Shaikh Tajmul haque

Torbjörn Westlin

Mini Cabanes En Bois

Berenjena Electronica

Andrew Altamirano (Spanish)

Dilan Zurita (Spanish)

Cristian lml (Spanish)


Jim Ryan Aka Pigeon Kicker

Sonny Santosa

flat four 7

Arduino Cable Studio


Boian Mitov

Vedran Mušica

Ankit Mishra

Kurt Roesener

Andreas Sachs

Rafał Czachurski

Ron Frtek

Jerzy Ziętowski

Hackster IO Tutorials


Blog Tutorials

Kurt Roesener

Swellington Santos


Steinacoz V

Miguel Alexandre Wisintainer


Groups and Communities

On Hackster.IO

3th Party Component

Swellington Santos

  • Swellington Mathematics Pack
  • Swellington Soft Reset
  • Swellington Generators Pack
  • Swellington RFID
  • Swellington CI7HC595 Support
  • Swellington Char Array
  • Swellington Visuino Converters Pack
  • Swellington Tone
 Download Link

Open Source Arduino C++ libraries for Visuino

Cool Projects

Visuino Nixie Clock by Steve Stuart

Control railway model with Visuino programmed ESP8266 Wi-Fi bi jezy zie

SKELLY the ROBOT bi Christopher Krumenacker

CUTSIE WHUN Self Balancing Robot

Visuino clock with ws2812 by Rafał Czachurski

Visuino OLED wrist watch by Rafał Czachurski

Visuino programmed Curiosity Robot by Rafał Czachurski

Nixie clock programmed in visuino by Rafał Czachurski

Visuino LM 327 can bus by Rafał Czachurski

Astronomy Solar tracker Visuino Pro by Rafał Czachurski

Visuino ultrasonic wind speed sensor by Rafał Czachurski

Visuino lcd keypad shield 5 buttons read from ADC0

Visuino + Node-red + mosquitto by Ciprian Balalau

Needle Detector machine controller by Shaikh Tajmul haque

Control Visuino programmed Arduino from MIT App Inventor by FASOYLAS

Visuino Home Control by Visuino by Art Wal

Visuino support for the Leguino (LEGO + Arduino) Platform

Visuino programmed timelapse hyperlapse dolly by Zoltán András

Project by Lenka Automate (Biswanath Lenka)

Projects by Dancun Omondi

Projects by Compact DIY