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WiFi Shield element


Add this element to the Arduino Shields to control an WiFi Shield.

Used By


  • AccessPoints - Specifies the Remote WiFi Access Points to connect to
  • Sockets - Specifies the sockets of the WiFi Shield
  • IPAddress - Specifies the IPV4 IP Address of the Shield
  • Enabled - Enables or Disables the shield


  • ScanNetworks - The Scan Network clock input pin of the WiFi Shield
  • FoundSignalStrength - Return the RSSI /Received Signal Strength in dBm) of the the network discovered during the scan.
  • FoundSSID - Return the SSID of the the network discovered during the scan.
  • Address - Returns the Local IP Address
  • MAC - Returns the Local MAC Address
  • SignalStrength - Return the current RSSI /Received Signal Strength in dBm) associated with the network
  • BSSID - Returns the BSSID - MAC address of the Access Point
  • GatewayIP - Returns the Gateway IP Address
  • SubnetMaskIP - Returns the IP Address Mask
  • CheckSignalStrength - The Check Signal Strength Clock Event Input pin of the component