Running Pixel (Maxim LED Control)

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LED group implementing running pixel value


Add this LED group when you want to have running pixel value effect. In each clock event on the Step input pin each pixel will get the value of the previous pixel depending on the direction of the running pixel effect.

Used By


  • Reversed - Specifies if the running value will appear from the first pixel of the group or from the last
  • InitialValue - Specifies the initial value of the LEDs in the group
  • CountPixels - Specifies the number of LEDs in the group
  • Enabled - Enables or Disables the LEDs in the group
  • Name - Specifies the name of the element


  • Out - The Digital Output pin of the component or element
  • Step - The Step Clock Input pin of the Pixel Group
  • In - The Digital Input pin of the component or element