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Here is the information base on the components developed by Swellington Soares.

Below is the links to the components currently supported by Visuino.

  1. Mathematics Package One
  2. Mathematics Package Two
  3. Mathematics Root of NTH
  4. Digitals To Char
  5. Input Index to Clock Output
  6. Reversed Analog Array Value
  7. Sorted Analog Array Value
  8. MIfare MFRC522 RFID Tag Reader
  9. RESTFul Route
  10. Average of Integer Value
  11. Average of Analog Value
  12. Average of Unsigned Value
  13. Adafruit SI7021 Thermometer
  14. CI7HC595 Shift Register
  15. Converter Integer to Char
  16. Converter Char To Integer
  17. Digital to Clock
  18. Char Array

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