What is Visuino?

Visuino is the latest innovative software from Mitov Software. A visual programming environment allowing you to program your Arduino boards. It currently supports the official Arduino boards, Teensy, Femto IO, ESP8266, ESP32, Controllino, Goldilocks Analogue, FreeSoC2, chipKIT, Maple Mini, and number of Arduino clones, however it is not restricted to their support alone and requests to support new hardware are welcome.

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What's new?

Added Sending E-Mail SMTP components
Added ESP8266 SSL Support
Added support for Interrupt driven Humidity and Thermometer DHT11/21/22/AM2301
Added optional period to the Repeat Clock component
Improved EEPROM support
Improved Sequence component
Improved Value Array component
Improved Controllino Maxi Automation support
Reduced memory usage by some of the components


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